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Post Reduction fat necrosis

I had a breast reduction 16 mths ago that went beautifully, athough my scars are heavily keloided. Several weeks ago I found a painful lump in my left breast.  After 2 weeks of tests (mamo, ultrasound and mri) it appears I have 2 seperate masses, one 6x12 mm at 6:00 and the other 3 mm at 9:00.  They were both dx'd as fat necrois although the 3 mm mass has some irregularity.  I've made an appointment with the gs next week for evaluation and biopsy with possible lumpectomy.  

If the irregularity is resolved and the tissue is benign, is a lumpectomy the best course of tx?  There is some pain, expecially when I move my arm back.  It feels like it's attached to the chest wall and the area of the breast puckers.

Which surgeon generally does these procedures, the general surgeon or my plastic surgeon.

I am extremly grateful it is nothing serious like cancer ad want to make sure I receive the best tx for my health, but I also want to preserve the results (hard work and expense) of my reduction.

Thank you for your help!
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I would coordinate your treatment with both your plastic surgeon and your general surgeon.  If the lesions are benign and truly represent fat necrosis, then the least amount of surgery to leave the smallest deformity seems appropriate.
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Thank you!  Excellent plan.
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