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Pregnancy and implants

I had my first child back in Aug 07. I am 21. I was a 34 b cup prior to pregnancy always wanted to be larger. Stretched to a 36 d during my pregnancy. I loved it. Now I am a 34 b/c. My breasts sag a good bit. I look like Ihave the breasts of a much older woman with stretch marks and there is no lift to them whatsoever.(Shouldve been happy with those good ol B's while I had them) Im pretty sure the only reason I can fit into a c now is because of all that extra skin. I want to fix this with implants but  I want to have more children. Will breastfeeding be a problem? Will being pregnant again "undo" the looks of the implants?
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Having a breast augmentation will not affect your ability to breast feed.  It may be that you need more than just implants, but also possibly a lift.  Although many patients who have implants and become pregnant show no adverse effect on breast shape, others have significant involution of breast tissue and become smaller and more saggy after their pregnancy.
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