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Seeking help w/plastic sugery due to medical condition

I am looking for a plastic surgeon, located in Atlanta, Ga, that would offer to do pro bono surgery. I am a single mom, with a condition called sacordosis. Due to my condition the medical doctors that I trusted in PA put me on a high dose of steroids, knowing that I was allergic to the steroids, which gave me "cushing"sydrome. I ended up double my weight from 135 lb to 215 lbs within 5 months. It has been 3 years, since I weight 215 lbs, I have work hard losing the weight but I was left with ALOT of saggy skin. I was a model up to 2004, when I gain all that weight. Now, my modeling career is over due, to the stretch marks and saggy skin. I am currently an Esthetician, but due to my saggy skin. My self esteem is very low. I am disable, I depress because my career came to an end because of doctors that I trusted. I am only 35 yrs old; I dress cover up because of the stretch marks and saggy skin. I cannot even get finance because my ex-husband ruin my credit, due to the divorce (abusive marriage) and stealing my identity. I do have pictures to show what I use to look like, and what I look like today. I have worked very hard to maintain my weight and take care of my skin, my self esteem is just low because of my career was taking away from me. I am seeking, removing skin from my inter thigh, lower stomach, my arms, and breast agumentation.
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