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Seeking peace of mind

I had the mommy makeover on July 20th - tummy tuck, lipo, and breast augmentation. Since the 2nd week, I've been dealing with swelling in the stomach.
I had a followup appt.  today, Aug. 16th.  My dr. looked at my stomach again and said he was concerned that after 27 days, my stomach was still distended.  It's numb in areas close to the belly button and it's hard and tight.  If I do certain activities.. or do too much, it gets tighter and feels more swollen.  He asked if I had chronic constipation.  I told him 'no.'  I've never had chronic constipation and I don't have it now... I'm having regular bowel movements - at least one, usually in the morning.  He was also perplexed that I had a seroma in my thigh.  In the location where I usually swell in my thigh after activity, there was a pocket of accumulated fluid that he drain 3 times today.  He didn't know what had caused it - nor did he know why my stomach was still distended - he just chalked it up to 'constipation' and said it would correct itself.  He also said that someone of my age should have recovered quicker - that it was taking me longer.  He told me that if I could, to take another week off from work and sit in my recliner - any place that wouldn't cause swelling.  He said to only get up to go to the bathroom or kitchen, etc.  I am really, really concerned.  I don't know why my stomach is still distended after day 27. Could this possibly be due to an abdominal adhesion?  He seems puzzled about the whole thing and that's very disconcerting!  
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There is no way to be certain of what is occurring without a direct examination.  The thigh seroma (presumably in a location where liposuction occurred) is unusual, unless ultrasonic lipo was used.  It might also be related to a persistent seroma in the abdomen if there is a surgical connection to that area.  This clearly needs to be followed closely with your surgeon.
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