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Self induced nose damage and change

Around 3 weeks ago I was listening to music, I was miming the words without actually singing and I strained myself. Ever since then my nose and the area around my nose has been numb and I have a tingling sensation across the bridge of my nose. Psychologicaly this made me think my nose had somehow gotten bigger and wider through straining so I have been constantly rubbing, pinching, molding and putting presure on my nose for the last 2 weeks to get it into the shape it once was, I play with my nose until I can hear the bones in it click and this has caused it to become even more numb and pain has started to form in the bones/cartilage in my nose, also the pressure it puts  on my head can be quite intense. This further makes me think that my nose has gotten bigger and its sent me into depression, I can't enjoy anything, I'm moody and everything seems pointless.

The pain varies through the day, sometimes it doesn't feel numb or painful at all, sometimes the pressure and numbness in my nose and head becomes so intense it feels like it's going to explode. I should also mention I have a hard area of skin on the left side of my nose which I don't have on the right it feels like a lump or hard skin, when I put my finger in my nose I can feel it aswell...Although I'm not sure this wasn't there before this whole ordeal started.

I have been to the doctors and he told me my nose was blocked, which is not the problem because I know what caused all of this is me straining myself, he gave me some spray to spray in my nose but so far it hasn't helped.

I would really appreciate your input on what the problem is regarding the numbness/pain and if it's possible for the nose to change shape by doing this.
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