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Should I wait or go for Augmentation

I lost 24 pounds due to Type 1 Diabetes. I went down to 94 pounds. When this happened I went from a C cup to about an A cup. I have been able to gain some of the weight back but not in my breasts. I would like to be back to my original size but from what I am being told from my endo I might only get my weight back to around 110 or so. I would like some input on should I go for the augmentation or should I wait and see about the weight gain? I just want to be back to normal, and have my top fit etc.

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Although there will be some increased breast size with weight gain, most women find that this is quite limited.  Your options are to wait to see if your size increases to the extent you desire with weight gain, or to consider augmentation.
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Thank you so much Dr. Rosenberg
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