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Skull deformity

When i was a baby i had an Encephalocele. im  now 18 now and last year i started having problems on my skull deformity from that. I had a cyst removed and it was nothing but scar tissue. the cyst grew back along with a few others.Now you can also feel the divet in my head where the deformity is. It would not be a big deal but it is extremely painful to the point where i almost always have a constant migraine. I cannot wear my hair up, and it hurts that area to chew.  The neuro-surgeon mentioned maybe shaving the skull down, or filling it with silicone to reshape it but does not think it would work so he is in no rush to do so. I was wondering what these two procedures woud involve and the risks associated with them. thanks.
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To learn more about this procedure, you should really speak to the neurosurgeon who you have seen.  You can also see a craniofacial surgeon, who is a plastic surgeon who specializes in skull deformities.  
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