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Slightly indented scar on my nose tip


I am Asian and now is 32 years old. 4 months ago I was cleaning my nose, I accidentally scratched my nose tip.When the scab fell off, I found that the area(I believe it is a scar) which is pink and slightly indented(the depth is around 0.01mm). The area width is about 0.5 cm. In addition, I found that the area becomes more reddish after taking shower or when I feel very hot. At the first week after the wound closed, I did not use sunscreen for first week and went out for outdoor activities. After I know that it is important to keep it out of the sun, I apply sunscreen every day when I go outdoor activities. Also, I have used some gel which are mainly used to make the red marks fade before I sleep.

During my research from internet, it claims that scar maturation takes at least 6 months to 1 year. Does it eventually become permanent indented scar(I believe it must)?
For the redness, will it eventually go away? I am getting mad about it as it is in the centre of my nose.
The indented scar is very noticeable(sunken) when I observe it under light.
Also, the texture is rough.
As I know scar cannot be removed completely, what treatment can I do to improve the appearance?

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