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Swelling after cosmetic surgery

I had liposuction and a tummy tuck, as well as a breast lift with silicone implants - this was all done at the same time on Tue,1/18/11. All seemed well until this morning(1/20/11). My drain seems to be plugged with what appears to be blood clots, and the fluid is now filling my body. I'm healing well otherwise, I feel great, up and around most of the day, but this is really bothering me. My post op appointment is Monday (it's Thursday now). I'm not running a fever, the worst of it is that my skin feels like it's about to split open, and the itching from the stretching skin is almost unbearable. Should I tough it out until Monday? Or is this dangerous enough to justify a trip to the E.R.? Thanks for your help!
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If your drain is really clogged (which I doubt) or if there is extra-ordinary swelling possibly from a hematoma, then do not wait until Monday, but call your surgeon immediately to see and examine you.  Your surgeon should be available and responsible for you at all times, or have a back-up on call surgeon to cover him/her if not available.  (If not, with the extensive procedure you undertook, you've selected the wrong surgeon.)  Just showing up in an emergency room would be the choice of last resort unless you surgeon has advised you to meet him there.  Just showing up in an ER will likely cause the ER to find another plastic surgeon to see you.  The surgeon will be less than enthusiastic to see you, since he was not the original surgeon and is unfamiliar with the details of your recent procedure.
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Didn't they show you how to empty your drain bulb? Sounds like you may be getting a seroma or hematoma. Get your Doc to see u asap. It will be okay.but get it checked and drained right away.
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I think I need to clarify... I did extensive research on surgeons, the one that I found that met all of my needs, unfortunately, is three hours from my home. I didn't want to go all the way there, if it wasn't necessary. So I came on here for some quick medical advice- however, I did end up getting a ride to see my doc. My drain line was plugged with clots. My doc was able to clear it, and used a syringe to extract the fluid that had built up in my tummy. I'm back on track, and all is well!
To seroma- thanks for you words of encouragement! They did show me how to take care of the bulb, the problem was that it was empty, but the line had blood clots in it... But it's all ok now~
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