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Tendon Problems

I severed the tendons in my thumb and the were reattached and aproxamately 3 weeks later they ruptured apart and I had a second surgery to reattach them and was prescribed Avelox unbeknownst to me this antibiotic can cause tendon ruptures,so about 3-1/2 weeks later they ruptured again,I had questioned the doctor about the antibiotics and he had said quit taking them,well after they had ruptured again he just sent me home no therapy no nothing he said he didnt think the workers comp would pay for a third surgery,well after complaining of pain for 4-1/2 months he scheduled surgery again and took a tendon from one of my fingers and put in now I have no use of thumb and very little use of forefinger.Should he have waited this long to do surgery?Everything I have read says tendons should be repaired immeadiatly.And should I have been given physical therapy?After 3 surgeries not 1 day of therapy.Is it possible to have this fixed.I have been given a 23% impairment rating making it hard to get employment.Is there any hope????
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Tendon injuries can be very difficult and may take a lot of therapy for recovery after repair of a tendon rupture.  I am not a hand specialist, therefore, I would recommend that you see a hand specialist in your area to answer your questions.

Thank you.
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