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Terrible burning and pain after Abdominoplasty

Hi,It  has been three years since my 1st surgery September 2005. I am always in pain, hip to hip and about 5 inches above my navel. I Went back to my PS to have the area explored two years later In June 2008 Dr,. did not install drains and I Had to  have 170 =100 cc's of fluid removed three or 4 times. My pain seems to be worse than ever. She said she removed scar tissue and neuromas. The area below the scar (Pelvic) that used to feel full bloated and very painful has changed why would that be the only good thing, what may have been there? Standing only increases the pain and gets very exhausting/ tired if you will. Why am i still in pain above the scar?.. She/DR PS has no idea. What do i do. I cannot be in pain the rest of my life and on Darvon 3-4 times a day like clock work. This severely limits my activities. Please help me!
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Your persistent discomfort and pain is extremely unusual, particularly for this interval since the original and subsequent surgery.  At this stage in the absence of certainty as to the cause of the problem, I would suggest your surgeon refer you to a pain clinic for evaluation and management.
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Dr R, I have had another symptom occur. On the left side of the second surgery the incision opened after a week or two. it healed like a zipper if you will closing slowly. last Thursday a blister occurred at this site that was dimpled. I went to the PS and her Med assistant lanced the blister  about half the size of the my  thumb. What came out and a lot of it was a orange fluid . The surgery was in June. What could this be? I have a depression underneath the blister It is hollow. Pressure from my navel over to the side incision aided in more of this infectious looking ooze coming out... How dangerous can this be? Totally fed up and worried. tre123
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