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Too old for liposuction?

I just had a lower facelift one week ago and I'm thrilled so far! I look far younger than my 59 years anyway - I've always taken good care of my skin and I'm healthy and in shape and the mom of a kid still at home. I had jowls and they appear GONE!  I had my ankles liposuctioned over 20 years ago when the technique was still new and it left me rather lumpy and I was never happy with the result. Also, some at was taken from inside my right thigh to put in my face at the time -- that left a hole and the fat graft didn't last so I never tried that again. One attempted revision to smoothe down the hole in my thigh did little. I'm now seeing a new doc and many years have passed. I'm wondering if newer lipo techniques ( like the one with the laser, smart lipo?) and smaller canulas might give smoother results. I'd ideally like to have lipo suction on my waist, thighs and lower legs -- but a friend who is an aesthetician says she thinks when you are 40 or older, the skin tends to look bad after lip and you don't get good results . Do you agree? Also, if I can't have lipo, I would love a thigh lift. that's my main complaint, sort of saggy, lumpy but not large thighs. However, I keep hearing this is major, major awful surgery. Anything new in that area?
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Liposuction techniques have improved from those you experienced 20 years ago.  Rippling as a consequence of liposuction, however, may not be totally avoidable and is more likely with very aggressive treatment.  The results of thigh lifts are often less impressive than your expectations.
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