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Tumescent /Smart lIPO

I am a male 38 5'7 158lbs.  never been over 168lbs in my entire life... have a good body but could not loose the abdomen fat and male breast fat that started to accumulate when I was 30ish.

I had Smart lipo with tumescent liposution with small cannulas on my Male breasts and abdomen.  I am 7 weeks POST OP and I a m really concerened that the fat is comming back or that I am experienceing swelling.  I have noticed that the left side of my abdomen is a little larger then my right...... I do remember me draining more on the right side when I had this done.

Is it real hard for the doctor to get both sides the right size?  I would think that the Laser melts the fat anyway and it will take time for the old fat to disolve.He did suck out fat but geeze after 20+ years of doing this I would think thathe would get it even.  Is that correct?  

My breast have not yielded much at all.... and my Dr. told me that there was hardly any granular tissue in me and that he took me down to the bone as far as he could.  He said to be patient..... However, I really need to know how much MORE progress am I looking at if I am 7 weeks post op??  Will the lumping go away.... it seems like the lumping is going down while I am becomming more blubbery with sewlling I hope!!

Please give me your thoughts.
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The final results with liposuction typically occur at three to four months.  While Smartlipo damages fat cells, it always requires standard liposuction to remove the damaged fat as well as any additonal fat.  If you are not satisfied with the results of the procedure, have a frank discussion with your surgeon in several months to determine if additional surgery will be required to improve your situation.
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