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What To Do?

Dear Doctor:

On September 13, 2010, Dr. Jason Swerdloff performed a Lifestyle Lift procedure in Tampa, Florida. In January, 2011,  I contacted the Tampa office and advised them that I was still experiencing numbness where the incisions had been made, tingling sensations in various places on my face, periodic shooting, pin-prick-like pains, a pulling sensation when I moved my head up and to the left and right. I also told them that I felt a constant pressure from the incision areas and that time would heal the wounds. Over two years has passed, and the symptoms continue.  I have consulted four American Board of Plastic Surgery physicians, all of whom told me that there was nothing Ithat could be done surgically; in fact, they all agreed that any surgical revision would very likely not improve my condition, but might make it worse. Dr. Swerdloff suggested that I see a neurologist, who had prescribed Cimbalta and Lyrica, both of which were ineffective. Do you have any suggestions.

Thank you for your help,

Sincerely, ES
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