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What do I do not

I requested liposuction of my neck and was told that I would not be happy with the lipo suction alone and would need a face lift as well ( no eyes or forehead)  I was told that some lipo would take place in my jowls (extra $500) and the Dr suggested that I have a laser peal around my mouth (extra $500).  He would cut in front of my ears, behind my ears and along my hairline (as far up as my eyes) and pull all of this.  All of this took place on April 3.  $10,000 later the result is virtually unnoticable.  I spoke with my Dr.  He was quick to take new pics and compare to the originally.  The Neck: about 1 inch of difference just under my chin.  The jowls, No difference.  The laser around the lips NO difference. Pictures to tell the story.  He stated that he could not pull any more of my neck because he didn't want me to look "pulled".  I'm not buying that.  I have been self conscious of my neck all of my life and $10,000 later I still am.  What is his responsibility and what am I to do?
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This becomes a very difficult questions to answer without evauluating you face to face and reviewing your pre-op photos.  You get into issues about the appropriateness of the surgical plan and its execution along with the limitations of the technques used, in addition to your expectations about the results.    Since you are not satisfied with the outcome of the surgery and do not feel your surgeon is being responsive to your concerns, your next step would be a second opinion with pre and post-op photos and op report in hand.
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