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Your opinion on saline reduction

I have moderate round implants with 275cc in my left breast and 300cc in my right breast.  My right breast aches under the arm and feels overfull compared to the left.  It is worse after exercise.It has bothered me since the day of surgery.  I am a very thin small framed person. My left breast feels perfectly fine and I like the feel of the implant, however, the right implant feels harder and I prefer implants that are more underfilled than filled to capacity.  After consulting with my doctor , we are going to remove 25cc from the right breast to see if this will alleviate my discomfort.  What do you think?  He is charging my 3000$ to do the surgery. Thank you for your time.
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30 cc's of saline equals one ounce of fluid.  Put one ounce of water in a measuring cup to visualize this volume.  You will see that 25 cc's is not much.  I would not be optimistic that removal of 25 cc's will accomplish very much and could potentially result in slight increased risk of implant rippling.  It is not clear that the discomfort you are experiencing is a result of extra right volume, and your discomfort may be the result of some capsule contracture on the right.  If so, this might be addressed at the time of any surgery.
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