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ankle lipo

I have heard that the tumescent type is not so good for ankle/lower leg liposculptre because it makes it difficult to see the shape during surgery.  I would like an opinion on this.  If tumescent is not the preferred method for ankle liposuction does that mean there is stitches and does healing take longer.
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Tumescent technique refers to injection of a saline solution into the area of fat to be liposuctioned.  The solution contains a diluted amount of adrenalin which reduces bleeding when liposuction is performed due to vasoconstriction.  It also often contains local anesthesia.  The saline solution helps wet and expand the fat to facilitating its removal.  The actual technique for liposuction varies from surgeon to surgeon (traditional, power assisted, ultrasonic, laser) and tumescent fluid is used irrespective of the liposuction technique.  As liposuction is performed, the fat and the injected fluid is removed, so that the results can be visualized.  Ankle liposuction is no different than any other area with regard to the use of tumescence fluid.
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