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breast augmentation redo or lift?

I had breast augmentation 8 yrs ago. I was a 38B and had mentor saline 450cc filled to 480cc placed over the muscle.  I have gained 40 pounds since I had them done.  I wear a 38DD Victoria Secrets bra now. I love the size, but they are beginning to sag. I would like to have them redone.  I had a consultation and the physician recommended a breast lift instead, as I have had no problems with my implants. Money is an issue.  If I just had the implants replaced with a larger implant under the muscle would I also have to have a lift, or would the larger size make up for the excess skin? I know that implants are like shoes....they wear out and have to be replaced.  With the age of my implants which would give me the best results for my money? How long would a lift be lifted?  
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While adding volume to you breasts may provide some additional lift, it is impossible to advise you without an examination.  The risk is that the breast tissue sags over the implant and results in an unacceptable shape.  Performing a breast lift over your existing implants, or over newly placed submuscular implants, will likely result in a more predictable result with better shape.  Of course you must be willing to accept the additional scars a lift requires.
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