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breast augmentation

any advise please
Hi i had breast implants but in, in June 07 i was a 32a and had 245 anatomic implants. i had a lot of pain from my right breast as soon as the anaesthetic wore of i went back to the hospital and they gave me morfin injection i asked  at the time if something was wrong as i had discomfort form my left breast but my right was extremely painful, they said because i had my implants but under the muscle and i had more muscle on my right side that is why there was more pain one side. i went back six months later as my right breast fells slightly harder and there is a lump on the side its not a hard lump i can manipulate it back in, the surgeon recommended to massage my breast and hopefully it would improve if not to wait 18 months after my surgery until all the swelling has gone down.    It is now well over two years since the surgery my right breast is still slightly harder with the lump but does not seam to of changed,even the scar is very visible and lumpy, i have been back again this time they say i have capsular contracture and have to pay to have it corrected.
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If you have capsule contracture on the right with a palpable implant, then the only way to resolve this issue is with a surgical revision.  If you have saline implants, you may also want to consider replacement with gels
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Thank you for your quick response. my implants are cohesive gel textured ,from me description above dose it sound like my breast has capsular contracture ?, do you get so much pain from the beginning ? is it likely to happen again ?.
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