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breast implant removal

from last month i was feeling great pain in my left breast  i went for my breast checkup last weak doctor advice me for ultrasound and in reports doctor diagnose my left implant is folded in 11 0'clock shape and they also advice me to remove implant as soon as possible so i want to know what will be the shape and condition after implant removal
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You have provided way too little information to advise you.  In addition to examining your current breast shape and size, it would be critical to know what kind of implants (gel or saline) and size of implants, any evidence of leaking, any evidence of capsule contracture, are symptoms still present, when were the implants placed, are they submuscular or subglandular, what size were you before the implants were done.  It sounds like you were advised to have the implants removed ASAP.  On what basis was this advise given.  Do you want the implants out.  Implants can be removed with satisfactory results, but occasionally a lift procedure is also appropriate if shaping is necessary and you are willing to accept additional scars from a lift.  As you can see from my comments, it is impossible to answer your question with an examination and additional information.
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