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breast reduction correction

Hi, about 18 months ago I had breast reduction. Part of my areola muscle has died on one breast resulting in nerve pain, particularly when the area is stretched (i.e. when I reach up), the nipple is often hard and it is partially painful around my cycle. I am controlling it with massage, anti inflammatory gels and pain killers but I wondered if there was a permanent way to deal with the problem through surgery. I am not concerned about the appearance and would even have a mastectomy if necessary. Please give me some advice on this matter. I cannot go back to the surgeon who did me as he has since been struck off by the NHS. I am not looking for compensation and would not wish any corrective work to be done by them anyway. Thanks for your time; I look forward to reading any replies.
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This is a highly unusual problem that I have not encountered.  A more common issue is loss of nipple sensitivity.  You should be evaluated by another plastic surgeon to determine what is occurring and what, if any, additional remedies would be appropriate.
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