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breast removal

I am thinking of having my implant removed. I had my first implants 15 years ago, they were 450cc saline. Eighteen months ago went in for a revision. Had saline implants removed and had new 500cc mentor smooth implants put in. Since then have had pain and probably some incapsulation. I am definitley not happy with them. I am seriously considering having them removed. What should I expect and will I more than likely have to have a lift.  Can the lift and removal been done in one surgery?
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In my experience, it is unusual to require a lift after explantation, even with 500 cc implants.  In addition, lift will require additional external scarring.  Although your breasts will be obviously smaller, I would suggest implant removal as a fist step.  After three or four months or more, if you strongly feel an lift is necessary, you can then undergo this procedure.
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