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breat augmentaion

Hi, I  had a lift and a breast augmentation about a month and a half ago. My right breat is much fuller at the top and my left is not as big or as firm. I asked my doctor and he said the implant may have not dropped completely.I find it hard to believe it takes over a month for an implant to drop. Do most Drs. use the same amount of cc's in each breast? Thanks
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The higher implant on the right most probably represents capsule contacture with the imlant forced into a higher position compared with opposite side.  It is possible for the implant to drop to a more symmetrical position with time.  If not, then a surgical release of the capsule may be appropriate, but should wait at least four to six months to see if the capsule softens and the implant drops to a better position spontaneously.  Most surgeons fill saline implant to the same volumes on each side.
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