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fat necrosis changes

I had a breast reduction and lift 4 years ago.  I immediately contracted a staph infection in the hospital in my left breast which my surgeon believed caused fat necrosis.  This large area has felt relatively rounded and smooth. 1 1/2 months ago I discovered a smaller, harder lump on this area.  I went to my doctor and she scheduled me for a mammogram and ultrasound.  Both of these came back suspicious, and they noted that the area in question (just under 1 cm)looks different from the larger fat necrosis area and is a solid mass.  Also, 3 days before the mammogram I started getting an indentation in that area.  I am scheduled for a biopsy in 1 week.  My question is this - Could part of the fat necrosis area change after 4 years and look different?  I have no immediate family history of breast cancer.
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One fat necrosis has occur with its associated scarring, it usually does not change with time.  Your scheduled biopsy will be definitive in diagnosing the problem.
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