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gynecomastia with smart/cool lipo


   I am in need of some help please. I have a minor case of gynecomastia. I went for a consultation and was told that it was "mild". Being that I have a 7 inch scar due to interceception of my intestines when I was 5 months old (and later on happened again twice which I was told is extremely rare) I am trying to avoid scars, or keep my scars at a minimum. I wanted to have that tight chest, I was always in great shape, not really muscular but I would say I am pretty athletic. It seems like every doctor is through the roof expensive, for my condition doctors want anywhere from 5,400 to like 8,500 and beyond. I'm 21 and going to college I don't really have that kind of money to just spend even though it does bother me like crazzy since that fat wont ever go away no matter how many pushups or situps I do -so I just threw in the towel and gave up playing sports and working out in general for the past 2 years.

   I met with a doctor that specializes in smart-lipo that can do it for 3500. Is that the correct procedure for me? is it really such a big difference from cool lipo. Will I get as great results from the other doctors who really do just liposuction?

  I don't know which one is proper for me in my case, and every doctor I meet wants a ton of money, maybe because its NY, and says that their the best. I just want whats good for me and will give me the best results with the smallest undetectable scar as possible.

   Thanks, would appreciate some feedback rather sooner than later since I feel like I am being pressured to do the 3500 sooner than later before that surgeon bumps the price up.

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Smartlipo uses a modified Neodynium-YAG laser to destroy fat cells.  It can be useful in very limited areas and usually requires that the damaged fat be liposuctioned out.  There are reports that it assists skin contracture.  I do not know how well this works for removal of the breast glandular tissue in treating gynecomastia.  Currently the state of the art treatment for gynecomastia is a combination of liposuction of fat and surgical excision of the breast glandular tissue, although in some cases liposuction alone is effective.  It seems to me that your primary risk for the use of laser destruction of the fat and possibly the glandular tissue is limited effectiveness.  If you undergo this procedure, make sure you have an understanding with the treating physician about what is his policy (i.e. your costs) shopuld you be disappointment with the result and request additional treatment.
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