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hard lips from lip lift augmentation??

2 years ago, I had a lip augmentation called a lip lift.  My scar is around the border of my lips (top and bottom).  My problem is that my scars never softened up...my lips feel hard and stiff because of this.  Also, I experience burning sensations, itching and tingling.  Do you know why this is and what can be done??  (It is sooo UNCOMFORTABLE!! When I talk, my lips feel soo stiff.)
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I do not have enough information to comment on why you are still experiencing discomfort.  It is common to use some form of filler in the lips (fat, dermis, or artificial material) tp add bulk to the lips.  If none of these were used, then it would be unusual, so far after surgery, to continue to have problems.  You need to be examined by your surgeon to determine what is the source of your continued discomfort and stiffness.
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