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hard lump after breast augmentation

hi,I had a breast augmentation 3 weeks ago.It was done on monday august 18th.On thursday august 21 i woke up to a hard painful mass on my left chest on the upper part of it.It's right where the cleavage is.Its the size of a ping pong ball.It hasn't gotten any better.It hurts so bad that when i go to get up i cry.I went to the emergency room that saturday and they did an ultra sound and said there's a big mass but nothing contaning fluid and then kicked me out the door.my doctore that did the surgery dosnt get back into california tell next sat and i am scared its something serious.what could this be.Do you think its the surgone's fault and am i going to have to have surgery all over again.thanks for your time.
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Your plastic surgeon should be signed out to another plastic surgeon for coverage.  You should be evaluated for the presence of a hematoma.  CAll you surgeon's office and ask to be referred to a covering surgeon for evaluation.
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Don't get your self crazy about the abnormality you have discovered,  A good friend of mine had just had a breast augmentation about a month ago and only two weeks later she found a peculiar lump above her right breast,  Thank God and everyone else...it was nothing! Yay!  I think because of all the million side affects that could possibly happen we  tend to look out for those rather than everything being great?  I guess thats humans for ya?  Btw....In about 4 months I'll be getting the surgery myself.  I sincerely hope everything is as great with you; as you as you planned it to be.!
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