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healing after mastectomy

Dear Dr.
Jan 5,2011 I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction surgery.  No chem or radiation is needed.  My lymph nodes were clear.  My incisions were not healing.  On February 23rd I had another surgery to "clean up the incisions and re-close them.  Now a week or so later the one side is opening up again.  Its the size of a dime and I can see this yellow stuff.  My plastic surgeon said keep putting neosporin on it and I am to see him in a day or so.  I still have the sutures in from the most recent surg on Feb 23rd.  He said he may leave the sutures in alittle longer and may take some of the fluid out from the initial fill at the time of the mastectomy.  ( I have expanders in.)  
Needless to say I am quite concered and feel I am never going to get "back to looking normal"  Any advice?
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This may be some form of subclinical infection.  If it does not resolve, your surgeon may consider removal of the expanders which can ultimately be replaced after complete resolution and healing of the area.  If this does happen, then I usually wait six months or more before attempting a replacement.
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