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laser lipolysis

Hi.  If laser lipolysis is better due to melting vs scraping and suctioning fat with traditional lipo as well as the coagulation of the vessels with laser has there been any attempts to modify the local/tumescent anesthetic?  Or eliminating it? I would imagine that since the procedure is significaantly less traumatic that the discomfort would be much less as well. I am concerned because there is variable reporting of office based surgeries and that lidocaine toxicity can occur 10 hours or more after the procedure (klein? had such a case?) Thanks
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I have performed liposuction since it was first introduced in the US in 1982.  Virtually all of theose procedure were done with a tumescent solution without complication.  I also now recommend most of these pocedures under general anesthesia, except for very small areas, since I find it difficult to obtain the profound anesthesia required for the best results.  In addition, I am now using radiofrequency assited liposuction (BodyTite) under an investigational protocol.  It is far more powerful and effective for fat reduction and skin shrinkage than laser liposuction.
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