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my second hernia

I had twins in  2008 and i was told that i had a umbilical hernia i was fine till last october and had excruciating pain and could barely walk i went to a surgeon and he said that it needed to be repaired asap i went in the very next day to get a mesh screen put over the hole he did it laproscopicly. well i now have another hernia right next to where my old one was it doesnt hurt like before but my appetite has changed i feel bloated a lot and am having trouble going to the bathroom regularly. there is a visible buldge and it seems to be getting larger and i can tell that my belly button is now starting to buldge on the side.

will i need to have a different kind of surgery since it hasnt been very long and its so close to my old one , will they need to put something else down instead of a mesh screen?

please help me i have 3 kids and i also work i would like to get this fixed asap.
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