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pain after breast aug.

I had breast augmentation 7 months ago> I am still experiencing intermittent pain in the muscle. This happens many times throughout the day and everyday. My areolas are very sensitive & side of both breasts are still numb, I told my surgeon and he said it was normal, I will have to massage my breasts for the rest of my life. I also have a lot od scar tissue on my right areola. This from day one. I need to know if this is normal, should I get a second opinion, and if it's normal how long does it last?
Tired of being in pain,
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Although occasional intermittent breast discomfort does occur seven months after breast augmentation, it would be unusual to have persistent daily pain. In my practice, I never have patients massage their breasts (although many surgeons do suggest this).  My rate of capsule contracture is low and I feel that exercise and use of the pectoral muscles is just as effective (if not more effective) than self massage.   If you are not satisfied with your surgeon's response to your persistent pain, then a second opinion may be appropriate.
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