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pro bono plasic surgery for cancer survivors

Do you know of any plastic surgeons in the Tampa area willing to do surgery pro bono or at a greatly reduced cost for cancer survivors to help get their self esteem back? I have a brain tumor and went thru 2 surgeries, 6 months of chemo and radiation and then monthly chemo. I also had missed time from work so I am unable tto pay for surgery myself. I had gastric bypass and lost 130 pounds since last year I have a lot of excess skin and now just as I am ready to be healthy and get my life back I see sagging lifeless skin some due to weightloss and some due to the effects of the chemo and radiation on me. I am only 34 but I look like a 44 year old. Is there any way to get help? I don't qualify for finacing due to the state of my finances because of my health issues.
Thank you
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Reconstructive procedures for massive weight loss often require multiple surgeries and can be quite expensive.  There are extensive facility and anesthesia costs in addition to professional fees.  If the insurance company that paid for your original bypass does not cover this reconstruction, then my best advise would be to seek the help of a teaching hospital with a plastic surgery program in your area.  I would not expect you to find a private plastic surgeon to do this extensive work at no charge.
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