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redo breast lift n implant procedure

i had my cosmetic surgery 3 yrs ago. a lift and implant , for the first 4mths i had to keep going bk with problems my left breast wasnt healing properly, and they thought they had left a suture in, at roughlt 8 mths i returened and told them i wuld like to see the surgeon, as i was not happy with the outcome, she told me the surgeon that i had , had left, and that i would have to see her and tell her my feelings, i didnt keep this appointment as unfortunatly i had alot of personal things going on, and now is the earliest that i can get bk in touch with them, what are my rights for a re-do at 3years, my breasts are still saggy, my implants move all over the place, and all you can see is ripples, even when i stand up with a bra on you can still see the ripples.. please advice me on how to go about this,
many thanx x
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The rippling you describe is probably the result of saline implants.  Gel implants will not do this very often.  It wounds like you need a revision of the lift with new implants.  Every office has different policies regarding revision surgery, and I cannot speak for the surgical group you are seeing.  My bet is that there will be some charge after three years post surgery, but it may be possible to work out some reduction of fees for the revision.  I would discuss this in a frank but non-threatening way.
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