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scar/dent on nose

About 3 years ago I had a plastic surgeon do a punch type biopsy on the top of my nose (it was benign). One of the stitches had ripped during the healing process. The result was a dimple type scar on my nose. Ironically -I wanted to avoid scars like this which is wht I had it done by a plastic sugeon. The doctor told me that I would have to wait at least 2 years to determine how it would heal. Well, it has been over 2 years, and it has not healed very well. I have a shallow, hole scar on my nose, and I hate it. I have sinced moved away from the area where the original plastic surgeon was, but I have been hesitent to do go to another plastic surgeon. I have tried all of the scar products on the market -but realize that they are largely for keloid type scars. I hate this scar! It casts a shadow and is very noticeable to me. What are my alternatives and can you give me an idea on price? My dentist made comments about injectables to plump up the area -but he is not an onvious expert and I fear having a bump replace the dent.

Thanks much for your time.

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You have several alternatives to treat this area.  If the indented scar is fairly shallow, then dermabrasion or an ablative laser treatment might reduce the edges of the crater to produce less shadowing.  Attempting to fill the area with collagen or a hyaluronic acid filler (Restylane or Juvederm) might help a little, but would require repeated injections.  To completely eliminate the depression, assuming the scar is small enough, then complete surgical resection of the depressed area would be appropriate.  Linear scars on the tip of the nose usually heal very well (often to nearly invisible) and will eliminate the shadowing completely.  A local plastic surgeon can help you make a decision about the value of any of these treatments.
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Thank you, Dr. Rosenberg!
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I'm so glad to have found this site. It felt a little bit comforting that some other people are trying to find out how to fix this "scar / dent on the nose" issue. I had 2 chicken pox indentation on my forehead... one deeper than the other. The other one though looked superficial, but since it was my face, it didn't escape my conscious eye. Then, i have 2 small dents on my nose (not really much noticeable) caused by pimples. I also had some indentation on the middle portion of the skin on top of my lips (by the junction). I mentioned "HAD", because everything changed after my surgery last Nov.15, 2007. My Plastic Surgeon decided to punch a hole on my forehead and that of the skin atop my lip area, and then sutured it. He then decided to slice the dents on my nose, then sutured it too. The result was a dilemna. The sutures on my forehead didn't really close enough, leaving on area (the not so obvious indentation before) more noticeably indented. The deeper indentation stayed almost the same. Except now, both are darker. I am asian and brown complected. It is for this reason why he (Plastic Surgeon) did not recommend laser treatment. The skin atop my lip area is now more indented, that i don't even want to shave as often anymore. The dents on my nose... well, they are the worse of all. Those weren't really obvious before... He told me it would look better after the surgery... That was why i submitted myself to it - with confidence. Better? On the contrary, it's worse! I have 3 dents now at the tip my nose. They are deeper, and shows a slice mark. I am terribly affected by this. I don't feel good about my appearance, making me wish everything was just a dream. I used to be appropriately confident with my looks... just wanting to fix what can be fixed... if it was only possible. Now, the surgeon keep on saying he can't do anything about this until around 6 months to a year. Talk about feeling so bad for that whole coming duration. Dr. Rosenberg, i really wish there's anything you can suggest regarding the treatment of this. I would go the distance to have my scar revised the best possible way. I don't need these dents on my face... I want to regain my confidence back... just the way it should. Please help me... Please help us who have the same problem.
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And by the way, the dent on my nose i think is not closing or healing well... it gets filled up with white heads, which leaves the area raw and open whenever the white heads goes off. Terrible...
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