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scar tightness - and rejuvi tattoo removal

hello -

First, have you heard of Rejuvi- Tattoo removal?  I was told by the person performing the procedure that there would be no scar, and that the Rejuvi treatment would disolve my tattoo.  Well the tattoo did dissolve, but the treatment left a huge hypo-trophic scar on my arm.  The tattoo was a band tattoo and also there was tightness around the upper arm going from inside my armpit all the way to the other side.  Have you had anyone else with a Rejuvi treatment issue on this forum?
Since then i have had the scar from the rejuvi aftermath surgically excised - the band is now tight and leaves an indention in my upper arm - not only is it very noticeable, but it is also painful.  Is there anything that can relieve the tightness?
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I am not familiar with Rejuvi tattoo removal.  The circumferential scar band that you describe could be treated in a number of ways, depending on the age of scar.  These techniques run from the application of silicone gel sheeting to steroid injections.  Surgically the tightness and indentation could be partially relieved by scar revision with Z-plasties.  These alternatives should be discussed with your surgeon.
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Hi hautedog,

Just happened to come across your reply to my last post about upper arm scar revision. I just had a consultation today for scar revision. Since my last post, it has not improved at all.
I saw told that the only way to fix it was to have the tissue cut out and sewn tighter so it'll create a very thin line. That is what I was promised when I first had my tattoo removed but the results were the exact opposite. Is your scar at all less noticeable? What kind of aftercare advice did they give you?
I have heard that Rejuveness is a really good silicone sheet for all kinds of scars. I might try it. If you haven't heard of it, go to rejuveness.com. I'm still searching for that miracle cure and yes, I rather have my tattoo back than this horiffic scar. If this scar revision doesn't change anything, I may just have to tattoo over it again :(
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Hello Paws24
I am going for another consultation sometime in the next few months - I am hoping that the z-plasty will offer some relief to my scar tightness.  I have not tried rejuveness - but will def. look at the website - thank you for the information. There is another product called scarsof - here is a place to buy:  http://www.epinions.com/content_388956130948
although I haven't ordered it yet, I plan to this week.  I just hope that someday I will have mobility in my arm again that is not hendered by the tightness of my scar......well and also would like to have the scar not so apparent ;( - but maybe a tattoo will work again ;)  - in regards to the original tattoo removal I used - if you know anyone who has a tattoo and wants to have it removed - tell them to stay away from that product....unless there is a dramatic change in the products content or delivery method - because this basically produced a horrific hypertrophic scar.  

please keep me updated on any products/procedures you have success with - and I will do the same.  

take care
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Guys,,,,,  I have the same problem....I have tried Rejuvi - and have been left with a thick red scar that gets really itchy and irritated when its hot!!!!  only part of the tattoo came of - which then scarred and the remaining half is still there....  and like you..... it looks worse than having the tattoo there!!

I only wish I'd tried Laser instead of Rejuvi, I'm worried the scar will be for life now....

I've been reading about Helichrysum -  wich claims to have the unique ability to penetrate into cell membranes and helps heals wounds without scarring and is highly effective in reducing and eliminate existing scars ???

Any thoughts on this? or would it be worth trying the silicone gel sheeting?
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hello -

unfortunately i have had no luck - i am going to try the helichrysum - thanks for the info - i really wish i had my tattoo back - i cant believe i fell for such a ruse -

but i did and now i have to deal - i am going to try everything - i have had surgery already, but unfortunately the scar revision only changed the appearance slightly - and actually made the area much tighter - which is more of a problem -

if you don't mind me asking, where did you have the rejuvi done?  i live in dallas and i tried to contact the company direct to see why i had such a horrible reaction and they never got back to me

i would try the gel sheeting - i havent yet, but i am going to soon as well - otherwise i am going to another plastic surgeon for z-plasty to relieve the tightnesss
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Hi mitzi,

how is your search for scar relief going? thanks for the website- i will definately check it out because i'm willing to try anything to get rid of this scar. i am going to another consultation this friday for another opinion. I will say that I tried lasers (5 treatments) last year and it did nothing. I just wasted about $1000. My scar is just as ugly as it was in the beginning. :(

However I have heard of some new "things" that we could possibly try.
Have you heard of Dermarollers? I never did until I started reading various forums online and it seemed like quite a few people were reporting results with them. I thought it could be worth a try and I ordered one I found on Amazon.com.
Also there is a a prescription cream called Contractubex but can be ordered online without a prescription. here's the website i found:


It seems like it's best for using soon after surgery. I haven't ordered it yet but if I need to have scar revision surgery, I'm going to try.

There has to be something out there that will work.

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