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hi... when i was 8 year years old i had a surgery under my eye,,, now scars are left under my eye.. i want to do a laser treatment.... so that i can get rid off from my scars... i dont like it really... its on my face and i feel complex.... plz tell me and give me tha good advice.... i want to get rid from this scars...

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Humans heal by forming scar tissue.  No scar can be totally eliminated, but they can often be reduced by surgery and occasionally by laser treatment.  You need to consult with a plastic surgeon to determine the likelihood of success for your particular scar..
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hello sir....
i know my face needs help big-time...from cystic acne...bad...i'm not gonna emntion any names,,but i talked to a plastic surgeon one night at a get together,,,and everyone had been telling him about my case...i don't know if he was joking or not..but i walked up to him and they introduced me too him,,,and he shook my hand and told me that he would take a needle and put stitches all over my face and walked off..but don't stitches scar??? also??i guess he  meant stitch up my pores,because they are big,,,and even though he was drinking was that right to say???
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The appropriate venue for a consultation is in a physicians office, not at a social function.  If you want a real consultation, make an appointment with a plastic surgeon who can evaluate you condition in the best lighting and discuss treatment plans with you and answer your questions.
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