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silicone rupture

hi, I had silicone breast implants nearly 6 yrs ago.  they are placed under the muscle.. I did not have alot of breast tissue.. I have never been happy with them and I have always had pain.   I have al;ways had burning in them, my surgeon was not very helpful.. I moved from england to the US so I have neot been able to afford to have an MRI.     I have never been able to wear an underwired bra since having the implants because verytime I wore one I had pain on the outside of the breasts.  I did not go very big form and A cup to a B cup.    Anyway, I believe they have turned and I do have alot or rippling and a have burning sensation in both breasts, not all days but some days I have tinglerling in them, mostly at the outside of the breast .. does this mean that they are leaking??  if so is this really damaging my breast tissue more which if I had them removed I may need to have most of my breast tissue removed.  

I really do not like my surgeon and I would get them removed but think he may not do an explantion properly and this why I have not gone back home to have this done... I am so worried, but even more worried about what he will do to me. please help.. I am have a wreck
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In general, leaking of a silicone implant is silent and without symptoms. If you are dissatisfied with the symptoms you are currently experiencing and worried about your implants, then the best solution would be to have them removed.  This can be a fairly simple procedure and I expect that your discomfort will disappear.  If you lack confidence in your original surgeon, then find another surgeon who is willing to perform an explantation.
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Don't know where u r but I just had explantation and new implants aced and my surgeon was AMAZING! Look him up on -line and check out his credentials his name is Dr George Alexander in Las Vegas, Nevada. I recovered at the JW Marriot very close to his office, and it was the smoothest surgery experience I ever had. They look and feel perfect. He and his entire staff are top notch. Good luck
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