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venus laser treatment

I am about to receive the Venus laser treatment (burn to peel skin off) to fight some acne scars, fine lines and large pores. I have received this treatment before and it had an amazing effect on my skin, especially when it came to wrinkles. However some weeks, possibly months after the treatment, I experienced a rather speedy aging of my skin, especially around my eyes, even a little on my forehead. I do have problems with not getting enough water and sleep, so this could be the cause but the whole thing has me thinking if this laser treatment stresses out so that it end up aging more. I have read that this is why the sun ages skin.

Can the laser treatment age my skin? How many treatments are recommended for the removal of scars (the fact that I have some rosacea taken into consideration) and is the burn harmful to my skin in any other way (like the sun)?
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While I am not familiar specifically with the Venus laser system, skin resurfacing procedure act to increase collagen formation as so act to decrease the effects of aging, particularly with fine wrinkles.  
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