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wrong amont put in one implant

I had my surgery two weeks ago and my ps put 40ccs more in my left breast which was the big one anyway and now its real round and the left one looks smaller and is laying to the left and the breast crease is higher than the right one which was the smaller one to begin with. I got high profile saline 380ccs right and 420 left and i want to know is this really a big difference in volume and size. I measured them and their both the same but i dont understand why one is so much bigger. Very noticable under my clothes also. Thanks
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30 cc equals one ounce, so the difference in fill volume is just slightly greater that just one ounce (not much).  While two weeks is far too early to evaluate your results (you need at least one month or more), your asymmetry needs to be discussed with your surgeon.
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