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wrong shape boobs after implants

i had breast implants 6 weeks ago. when i look down i cant see my nipples they are so low down. the doctor never mentioned anything about an uplift at the consultation. i no they say to give it 6 months to see if they settle but i think they both need 2 be at least a good inch higher up. the just look deformed to me, theres no way i would ov had them done if i knew they would turn out like this. should my doctor not have advised me 2 have my nipple removed at the same time as i had implants and put in a higher position? i just feel like he has put them in and took my money and not done the best job he could ov done. is there anything i can do? i will have another op but would i have 2 pay again?
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If your nipples appear too low, it is usually because either you had pre-existing sag that required a lift, or the implants are situated too high resulting in the appearance of a lower nipple.  Either of these problems can be corrected, but will required more surgery.  I have always advised that patients ask about their doctors' policies about the cost of revision before undertaking any initial surgery.  You will obvious need to have a discussion with your doctor about the results, the requirements for correction, and the costs.  It would be best to do this in a non-threatening manor to maximize your outcome.
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