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wrong size implants

my ps put 350cc implants in,after i told him no i wanted 450 to 500cc i wanted to be a full d cup  he said for 1500.oo he could fix my problem.why should i pay for his mistake? i paid 6000.00 for the breast augmentation. what do i do? please help!! he also said if he put bigger implants in i have to wait another 3 months why?my breast aug was done in july 2008.
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I make it a policy to discuss implant size prior to the surgery, so that there is no question what size implant is being placed.  I insist that the patient make the final decision with my input.  Then, in the rare case of a desire for a change of size, it becomes the patient's financial responsibility.  You have a much more difficult problem to resolve, if, in reality, you left the implant size to the discretion of your surgeon.  Your surgeon, however, is basically replacing your implant at nearly cost.  At this time, this will probably your cheapest and easiest method of achieving the size you desire.  Any potential legal action will take years to resolve and will not necessarily go in your favor.
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