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Are all dentist this greedy?

Hi I have periodontal disease and have recently checked out a few perio/dentist to see what my options are
ok after full mouth X-rays he suggested I have 9 teeth removed leaving me with 13 teeth to salvage for lazar surgery and from there I was hoping to get partials until maybe later do implants..
now I don't mind paying for my work I have no insurance and will be paying this with my hard earn cash with being a single parent working as a house painter this money is' trust me' hard earned and i really don't have it to just blow as I'm about to explain. perio n company want to charge me for a full mouth lazar why? I only have 13 teeth!!!
how greedy are these people, can they not work with me? well the answer is no and so I am off looking for another
and in the process of doing so i go to my old dentist who has removed teeth in the past on in most recent 8 months ago now he's getting greedy and wants to charge me 150 per tooth to remove when just a few months ago it was
50.. now i figure he is charging more now  b/c he saw the perio's bill ..  but i never planned to pay that much to perio that the reason i went to the general for a better price  9x150 = insaness!! no way will i ever pay that much..
what's going on? these teeth that are going to be removed are rocking n rolling its not like major surgery I can almost pull them out myself.. so i am at a loss I dunno what to do I suppose I'll shop around until I find someone who will work with me... I am paying the general dentist a lot for the partials so why lose my extraction business over greed?
is it me or does someone else see my frustration? thank you for taking the time to read this...
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Dear Eliza,

One option could be dental school to save money on extractions and partials.  $150 is quiet reasonable in my area.

Dr. Maddahi

Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
General and Cosmetic Dentist
Beverly Hills, California              

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