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Hello. About 15 years I got a mouth full of bridges. Well, there are 2 but covers the whole lot. The upper and lower back teeth had to be removed after just 1 year because of infection. I have 5 lower front teeth left of my own and they start rotting. I would urgently need crowns (at least). I was wondering if it might be worth and possible to just have everything removed and go for totally new bridges? What else could be done? Keeping in mind that I would HATE having removable teeth.
Btw: I am 56 years old.
Thank you
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Dear Sunny,

There are two possibilities if you do not want any removable prosthesis.  One option is try to save as many teeth as possible and do a combination of bridge and implants to restore the lower jaw.  The second option is to remove all loose and rotten teeth and do a full lower arch implants.  The choice of implants depends on the amount and quality of the bone that remains.  In order to know the best possible choice full mouth exam, full mouth xray and panorex xray is necessary.

Dr. Maddahi

Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
General and Cosmetic Dentist
Beverly Hills, California                
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