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Hypersensitivity to touch

Hi, I had all 16 upper done 2 weeks ago - crowns - all porcelain. I still can't chew anything more solid than overcooked pasta withouth being extremely uncomfortable. I have been on 800mg ibuprofen every 6 hours for a month - if not, I'm just miserable. I think this is all normal??? However, a very unexpected side-effect has occurred;

I can not fold laundry, touch paper, styrofoam, and other types of material without getting the goosebumps and feeling as though someone is 'scratching the chalkboard' so to speak.  This is very difficult to deal with all day,,, UN-nerving!

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Dear 16Crowns,

This does not seem at all normal.  The sensitive teeth might be a reaction to the bonding agent.  The sensitivity to touch is very unusual.  A Clifford reactivity test would be recommended to see if there is any  allergic reaction to the dental material used.

Dr. Maddahi

Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
General and Cosmetic Dentist
Beverly Hills, California  

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Thank you for your response and reccomendation. I will look into the test. Also, I would like to correct my error; I had 14 uppers drilled & crowned w/temps on 6/12/08, The perms were placed about 1 week later and 3 lower teeth crowned about 4 weeks prior.. I would reccomend to anyone considering this extensive of a restoration to only do a quadrant at a time as this has been a nightmare for me. I am still suffering from several teeth aching, hypersensitivity to hot and cold, and can only chew soft foods. Oh, and yes, I am still having hypersensitivity to touching and sound of certain materials such as, cotton, carpeting, and styrofoam.
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