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i don't like my teeth

i'm 30 i've been wearing braces since i was 10. now i have advanced localized adult periodontitis.. with severe mobility and bone loss of maxillary anterior. when my brackets were removed my front teeth shifted and developed huge space which i don't like and more over i'm very concerned because of its mobility. i understand that there is risk of avulsion. i know that i need cosmetic dentistry but i'm afraid that it is going to be very expensive. I live in atlanta area where can i find a good DDS that can take care of me? i wish i can find someone to fix my teeth that was bad for the last 20 years for a price that i can aford. is there any price range? are there any cosmetic dentists willing to do this for free in atlanta area?
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Dear 1775,

My recommendation is to contact AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) to see if they know of a dentist that does charitable work or work at a reduced fee to help someone such as yourself.  Dr. Goldstein is a very well known cosmetic dentist in Atlanta.  

However I do not know about his fees.  

Thank you for your question and I hope this helps,

Dr. Maddahi

Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
General and Cosmetic Dentist
Beverly Hills, California                

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