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Breast Implants

I had a breast implant operation done in August this year and my left breast healing normal, but my right breast anytime I give my self the massage a few little knots appear under the skin, is not painful, but I am worried, and the thing about it is that I got the procedure done in Venezuela and I live in Trinidad so I cannot see my doctor, I will like to know if this is something serious.
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The knots you feel could be any number of things.  If they are along the incision line, they likely are deep sutures that you feel.  If they are away from the incision, they could be folds in the implant.  Sometimes there can also be small organized blood clots in tiny veins beneath the skin.  If they remain troublesome to you, the only way they can be identified is with the help of a local plastic surgeon.
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Just one more question those small organized blood clots in tiny veins beneath the skin are dangerous, should a be worry, can they turn into something else like breast cancer????????? Because I have a lot of cancer in my family...
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