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Breast implants broken

Hello, i had breast implants surgery in 1986 ( silicone implants), now they are broken The silicone is out of The implants, do you recomended surgery to remove these implants? I was diagnosted with fibromyalgia and every day i'm more sick...can anybody tell me the adverad reactions of The broken silicone implants and how dangerous is The surgery and anestesia....i'm very scared and worry, thanks
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In my experience, if you have ruptured silicone implants and are experiencing symptoms, removing the implants without replacement is the appropriate action to take.  Even though your breast size will be deflated, it is very likely that you will feel substantially better.  Consult with a local plastic surgeon.
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Yes you need to have the old bag and silicon removed. In fact this coild be causing the inflamation that is causing your fibromyalgia. I assume u had the silicon gel (not the new jelly bean kind but the old gel, thicker than liquid silicon but not as thick as the new jelly bean type bags. The molecule size in the silicon gel should not be able to penetrate the surrounding tissue but it shouldn't just stay there either. Please seek a PS to assess your situation but don't be scared. I recently had to do an explantation followed by re implantation and I am very happy.
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