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Cosmetic facial surgery for older woman

Dear Dr. Rosenburg,    I am a young 72 years old lady.   I had thought I would like to have some type of cosmetic filler input  on my face.   I was told by cosmetic nurse at [rivate clinic that this would be too involved for my age group.   She recommended lower face lift. I would have thought I was rather old for this as my skin might not have elasticity needed to hold up for any length of time.   What do you think?   Should I consult a different cosmetic surgeon.   I would love to have some slight improvement in my facial appearance.
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Age is not a issue here.  It depends on your expectations and whether a filler will meet those needs.  I would get another opinion.  In some cases fillers will work wonders. In others, fillers will do little, with surgery being a better choice.  However, many of my patients who would do better with surgery, still are not ready to take this step, and are quite satisfied with filler treatment.
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Dear Dr. Rosenberg,           I am more than grateful for your kind reply to my Email.     I understand fully what you say,  and I know, in my case,  I would be more than happy to have fillers and would actually prefer it to surgery.   I would not be afraid of surgery except in the way that I would not want  'the new look'  to be too extreme!     I would just really like to look a little better than I do.   I am young at heart and active for my age.   I will get another opinion as you suggest.    Again I thank you most sincerely for giving your attention to my query.
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