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Exercise to keep the pockets open

Hi Dr. Rosenberg,

I was wondering what kind of exercises do you tell your patients to do to keep the pockets opened?  And how soon after surgery do you have them start these exerxcises?

I had a capsulorraphy along with the enlargement of my pocket (mostly superiorly / upward) five days ago, crease incision this time.  I want to keep the upper pocket opened so my breast / implant can move naturally and the pocket won't scar or close down... however I am afraid that if I push the implant upward, I may break/pull the internal stitches...

Any insights would be appreciated.

Thanks again in advance.

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Will do.  Thanks Dr. Rosenberg.
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For routine breast augmentations, I have all of my patients restart routine exercise programs (as tolerated) including upper body weights at ten days following surgery.  Your situation is more complicated both because it is not a primary breast augmentation and also your surgeon may have different ideas about post-op care.  I suggest you discuss this with him/her.
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