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Hate my body...help???

I am almost 42 years old. I have had 5 children, numerous 'belly button scope' surgeries, an abdominal laparotomy and an abdominal hysterectomy. My highest weight (immediate post pregnancy) was 195 pounds. My lowest weight (after about 10 years) was 112 pounds. I am 5ft 1-1/2in. I loved my weight at 112, but was recently in a couple accidents and with all the medication and inactivity, I gained 20 pounds. I am working on losing it and won't be doing anything surgically until I am back to the weight I am hoping for. I received an ENORMOUS amount of stretch marks with my first pregnancy, some extend up to 3 inches above my belly button, also have some on my breasts and hips as well. I wear a 34/36DD currently. Also, when I had my last accident, I fell down the stairs and now have a 2in diameter indent on my left thigh (outer aspect), the bonus is there is not any cellulite in that area. There was a huge bruise there from the fall. My questions:
1) Would a tummy tuck be able to get rid of my stretch marks entirely? Or at least get them below bikini level?
2) Given the anchor scar from breast lift/reconstrucion, would an augmentation be better as far as scarring? I tend to think I am too large for aug.
3) Is there anything that can be done for my leg dent? What would that have been caused by?
4) Anything for the stretch marks on my hips?
5) Since I also have cellulite on my hips/buttocks/thighs...would a lower body contour be the key? Does that include a tummy tuck? What is recovery for lower body contour?
6) Would any/all of these procedures be outpatient? Can they be done at the same time?

Thanks so much!
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Thank you so much for your reponse!

As soon as these pesky accident pounds are off, I plan on an all-around consult.
I will continue to monitor this site and your posts to determine how to find an excellent surgeon.

Going through what I have been through with my son, I fully understand and accept doctors are not God and nothing is perfect, but would like the best chance of minimal post-op issues (including satisfaction with the procedure).

Thanks again!!!!
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1. You are obviously a candidate for a tummy tuck.  The stretch marks above you belly button would be lowered to the suprapubic area, but complete elimination would depend on how much skin stretch you have.
2. You need a lift and not an augmenation.  Accept the scars from this procedure in exchange for a better shape.  If you are not too saggy and will to accept smaller breasts, then liposuction of the breast could potnetially reduce their size and lift the breasts with minimal scarring.
3. Fat injections to the leg dent may help.
4. Unless the stretch marks are excised, there is no effective treatment.
5. I doubt if a lower body lift would be appropriate, particularly for cellulite alone, but a plastic surgical consult could determine the advisability of this procedure.
6. Tummy tucks and breast lifts can be done on an outpatient setting.  The longer and  the more extensive the procedure, the more likely you will want an inpatient stay for care and pain control.
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